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Charter Challenge for Fair Voting: Launch Video

The Challenge The Charter Challenge for Fair Voting is an initiative aimed at getting a ruling from the Supreme Court of Canada that the first-past-the-post...

Elections Nova Scotia Training Videos

The Challenge:  When a provincial election is called in Nova Scotia, the number of people needed to do the work expected of Elections Nova Scotia...

Illustrating the growing challenges faced by PEI Teachers (TV AD)

THE CHALLENGE: In classrooms across the country, teachers are facing greater demands on their time. Prince Edward Island teachers are no exception. While the expectations...

Get Out The Vote – Wrap Video – Election 2015

THE CHALLENGE: In the 2015 federal election youth voter participation soared. Our client, the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, and it's member organizations had run...

Getting Youth Out to Vote in 2015

THE CHALLENGE: Young people have traditionally been the least likely demographic to vote in elections in Canada. In the 2015 federal election, however, the electoral...