The Challenge

The Charter Challenge for Fair Voting is an initiative aimed at getting a ruling from the Supreme Court of Canada that the first-past-the-post voting system used for federal elections violates our charter right to effective representation. If you had to re-read that sentence to make sense of it, you know why we needed a video for the project.

Those of us involved in the project at Springtide and Fair Voting BC understood that there was a charter case to be made against Canada’s broken voting system. We needed a way to communicate that potential to the many Canadians who were frustrated when Justin Trudeau’s government abandoned their platform promise to reform the electoral system.

The Twist

This video was designed exclusively for sharing on Facebook. While the consumption of video on Facebook has grown dramatically, the way people consume these videos is important to consider. For social videos to be viewed and shared they need to be consumable with sound on, and sound off.

In this video, we quickly introduce viewers to the idea that there may still be a chance to get electoral reform in Canada.  Then we jump back to 2015, and walk viewers through a fast-forwarded version of what happened on electoral reform in Canada over the two years that followed. Finally, we unpack some very basic rationale for why supporting the Charter Challenge for Fair Voting makes sense for Canadians who want to see Fair Voting in Canada.