The dangers of a crowded and chaotic classroom – PEI Teacher’s Federation (TV AD)



In 2016 we produced this ad for the Prince Edward Island Teacher’s Federation to illustrate the growing challenges faced by teachers in the modern classroom. In 2017 we were asked to produce another ad that took a different perspective on the same issue. The issue was simple: the demands placed on teachers grow each year, while the resources available to support them don’t always grow in equal measure.


We begin with a crowded pool full of children – a space where the dangers of overcrowding and chaos are clear. The pool eventually transforms itself into the classroom, the lifeguard transforms into a teacher, where her lifesaver becomes a clipboard – while the chaos continues. The viewer can easily recognize that the dangers of a chaotic classroom are less immediate than a crowded pool. Our hope is that through the comparison of the two, they’ve begun to contemplate the long-term impacts of an undersupported school system on their children’s future.


The writer/producer: I worked with our client to write a script, develop a creative concept, recruit voice talent, and shot and produced the final ad.

The artist: Rachel Derrah of Brave Space co-developed the creative concept for the video, storyboarded and live-drew the animation.