The Challenge: 

When a provincial election is called in Nova Scotia, the number of people needed to do the work expected of Elections Nova Scotia climbs from about twenty employees to several thousand people in a matter of weeks. The challenge to train those new workers is an obvious one.

My company and Stevens Solution and Design were hired by Elections Nova Scotia to create a series of videos used by Elections Nova Scotia to support the training of many of those hired once an election is called in Nova Scotia.

Who did what: 

The Client: Elections Nova Scotia provided detailed materials describing processes and procedures to be followed by elections workers at continuous polling stations.

Writing and Storyboarding: I worked with the client to draft five video scripts and storyboard approaches that communicated the key elements of the training as succinctly as possible.

Video Production: Noah Stevens and Leena Ali from Stevens Solution and Design shot, directed and produced the five training videos. These two are a dream to work with and are responsible for much of the live-event videos taken at Springtide events over the years, like this one.

More videos from this series: