The Challenge:

Young people are less likely to vote in elections than their elders. Elections Nova Scotia – our client for this project – asked us to help get the message out about some of their efforts to reduce the barriers facing first-time young voters. One of the most basic barriers for first-time voters is not being on the list of electors.

At the time of the videos’ release, Elections Nova Scotia had reached an agreement with Nova Scotia School boards and the Department of Education to pre-register students for voting beforeĀ they turned voting age. We were asked to create a set of videos to help communicate to students, parents and teaches, and explain why it was important.

The twist

If you look carefully at the other ‘white-board’ videos we’ve produced (and most white-board videos out there), you’ll notice that it’s drawn on paper, not a whiteboard. This set of videos was actually drawn on a whiteboard.

Who did what?

The writer/producer: I worked with our client to develop a script, creative concept, recruit voice talent, and shot and produced the final video.

The artist: Marguerite Drescher of Brave Space co-developed the creative concept for the video, storyboarded and live-drew the animation.