To deliver a visual presentation of the history of the nursing union movement in New Brunswick for the client, the New Brunswick Nurses Union.


Marguerite Dreshcer from Brave Space and myself had done a whole bunch of white-board style videos already for our own projects and other clients. For this video, we also wanted to visually demonstrate the passage of time. So we chose to illustrate the history on an artist’s sketchbook to ground the work in a more real-world environment.


The client: The New Brunswick Nurses Union (NBNU) provided us with a deep history lesson and highlighted key moments in their organization’s history.

The writer/producer: I worked with the client to draft a series of scripts (which were also translated into French), sourced and recorded voice talent, shot the live-draw and edited and produced the final product.

The artist: Marguerite Drescher from Brave Space storyboarded the entire three-video series, and drew the graphics in the live-draw videos (those are her hands!).

“Dedication ladies. That’s the thing.”

En Français