In classrooms across the country, teachers are facing greater demands on their time. Prince Edward Island teachers are no exception. While the expectations placed on teachers have grown, the resources available to support teachers and the students they teach have not.


In this short peice, we dropped the voiceover completely mid-way through the script. We did this to illustrate the ‘silent challenges’ that exist in the classroom – challenges that don’t  always manifest in an obvious way.

When the voice of the passionate but overworked teacher quiets, you see pop-up balloons that tell the viewer that one student is struggling with anxiety, while another has come to class hungry. Another student has been bullied on the way to school, and another has undiagnosed dyslexia.

A straight read of these facts by the teacher’s voice in this script likely would have read as too ‘on the nose’, but it also wouldn’t have been realistic to how the teacher or other students experience these issues in the classroom.


The writer/producer: I worked with our client to develop a script, creative concept, recruit voice talent, and shot and produced the final ad.

The artist: Marguerite Drescher of Brave Space co-developed the creative concept for the video, storyboarded and live-drew the animation.


The product was used for as a TV advertisement for the Prince Edward Island Teacher’s Federation in the Spring of 2016. It aired in prime-time ad spots, and was shared broadly on social media. It collected over 16,000 views and 264 shares on Facebook.

The following year, we produced this ad for the PEITF’s 2017 campaign.