Pricing Philosophy

Transparency is a key part of my approach to doing business. Here’s a little bit about how I price my work.

For projects with clear expectations and deliverables

I won’t quote a price unless I’m certain I can deliver quality results. Once we agree on price and scope of work, I’ll work my darnedest to ensure it matches the expectations you had at the beginning of the project.

No surprises

Sometimes the needs and scope of a project shift after it begins. I understand how challenging it can be to move forward when it seems like uncertainty is everywhere. My fees should never be one of those uncertainties.

As long as your expectations of me are clear as change happens, I’ll match that with equal clarity about what to expect from me before an invoice is sent.

More work = lower rates 

I’ll be upfront: jumping from project to project and pursuing ‘potential’ gigs can be exhausting. If you see an opportunity for us to work together on a regular basis (e.g. on a regular video, podcast or writing project), I’m happy to recognize the value of that relationship to me via a reduced rate. It means I can spend more time doing what I love working with exciting people, ideas and teams and developing great content and strategies.

Talk first 

Before I can price something, I need to understand your needs. Get in touch if for a no-commitment chat about what we might be able to do together. 

Contact me

902.237.6275 (cell)