‘Speak to the Press Media Training’ is a workshop I developed first for Springtide based on a decades worth serving as a spokesperson for a variety of organizations working on political issues. The course is run periodically at Springtide as an open-enrollment program, but is also available to be delivered in private settings for groups, or the principles can be adapted for customized, one-on-one coaching to suit your specific needs.

About the Workshop: Every great cause needs great spokespeople who understand how to talk to and work with journalists. We cover the basics of setting your organization, cause, or your candidacy up for success in the press. This will include:

  • Why speaking to the press matters: understand how the conversations you have with journalists can move a political agenda forward,
  • The basics of media interviews: how to get them, and what to do when you’re invited to participate in one;
  • The journalist’s work environment: what you need to know;
  • Your rights: questions you can and should ask of journalists before agreeing to do an interview;
  • How to adapt: learning to interview well for different types of media (e.g. TV vs. print);
  • How to respond: learn to handle questions you didn’t expect or want to get;
  • The long game: strategies for making sure you get invited back, and more

The workshop will be taught using presentation-based teaching and skills practise in small groups.

Who this workshop is for:

This course is designed for people who are interested in learning the basics of speaking to and working with the media in Nova Scotia. The course is ideal for those who are communicating about something in a political environment, but the teachings are broadly applicable for anyone who expects to be answering questions in the press.
These people might include:
  • first-time spokespeople,
  • non-profit and business leaders,
  • advocates and activists,
  • researchers,
  • prospective candidates for public office and elected representatives,
  • students and learners of all ages looking to broaden their skills and knowledge base,