In the 2015 federal election youth voter participation soared. Our client, the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, and it’s member organizations had run a successful Get Out The Vote campaign and collected vote-pledges from tens of thousands of students. They wanted to celebrate this victory with their members.


In just over two-minutes, we told the story of youth voter turnout in this election, using only second-hand content – media stories, instragram posts, and clips from previous videos we had produced for the clients. The video was divided into three acts:

Act one – the dominant narrative: clips of journalists predicting and bemoaning the *fact* that youth won’t vote.

Act two – interventions: the story of young people and youth allies organizing to get out the vote.

Act three – the results: the story of a rise in voter turnout, the impact it’s had on the election results, and a shift in the narrative about youth participation in elections.

Wew stiched clips of news footage together with social media posts from everyday Canadian youth. We set other people’s words to a bouncy backing track and used music and rhythm to tell the story of the election where young people got out to vote.